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About Rosario

General Information
Monumento a la BanderaArgentina is a nation of contrasts with landscapes ranging from lush, tropical forests to the frigid ice fields of the Antarctic. The beaches of the Atlantic coast roll onto the flat, verdant pampas that stretch westward and dry out, eventually colliding with the majestic Andes Mountains.
With 1,200,000 inhabitants, Rosario has an alluring cosmopolitan feel, supporting theaters, art museums, historical mansions, national monuments, and 2 professional soccer teams. Located 200 miles upriver from Buenos Aires on the Paraná River, the city has a rich history influenced by European ancestry in a uniquely South American way—giving the busy city center a flavorful charm evident in its language, style, and cuisine.
University students enjoy Rosario’s compactness, with its closed-off streets and easy access to the waterfront. Argentines swim and surf at Mar del Plata, explore Iquazú Falls, backpack Patagonia, ski San Carlos de Bariloche, and windsurf and kayak on the Paraná River.
The program in Rosario offers students the opportunity to experience Argentina to the fullest - its people and its culture. Courses are tailored to American students and are designed to take advantage of the program’s locale in the heart of Rosario. Field trips and academic excursions allow students to experience Argentina beyond the pages of their textbooks.

Links to other helpful websites
- Universidad Nacional de Rosario: http://www.unr.edu.ar/

- The Lonely Planet travel guide offers concise and relevant information for anyone planning to travel to Argentina. Included in this website is information on when to go, costs and money, attractions, activities, history, culture and environment among others. The site also includes a list of further reading on Argentinean history, culture, and society. See links to related websites and travel news for additional information about Argentina. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/destinations/south_america/argentina

- The South American Explorers website has comprehensive information about travel, health and safety, places to visit, hotels, culture, and history. The site also includes a map of Argentina. http://www.saexplorers.org/arsearch.htm

- The City of Rosario Official website (in spanish): http://www.rosario.gov.ar

- Rosario Tourism Office (in spanish): http://www.rosarioturismo.com